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In a street that was to be named "Unit Blue" in the near future, there is a town named "Night Town". A town engulfed in darkness of the night due to a lack of electricity. A young man there, Sanada Hajiki works part time in a transport business known as Hachisuka Transporation.One day, Hajiki gets in touch with a client who wanted him to transport a mysterious material known as "GAD" for a high price. When the "GAD" ends up as scrap, it takes the form of a giant humanoid machine known as iron man "Lightning".From then on, all kinds of people who also owned an iron man appeared before Hajiki. Kanata - an outlaw who used iron man "Zero" to destroy, Aiko - an upperclass young lady who searches for friends with iron man "Messerschmitt", and Takumi - a young man who works for justice with his iron man "Thunder Bolt".